Rotterdam Weg is a project about sites and their memories in the city.

My position as an intruder makes me possible to look at these memories from the outside, relating different events and times to actualize some of the different layers of the place. The project tries to make visible not only who is questioning the space but also from what point of view it’s done, as we know that it’s no longer possible to speak in general.
The chalk drawings are going to fade out like memories do. But they try, for a while, to question the collective process of memory. The drawings looked for an answer. They talked about some collective stories or some personal stories related to the collective. It is important to tell these stories in community. It’s a way of building our relation with daily surroundings.
I also wonder about the roll art plays in telling these stories, working within this space of “telling”, using the tools of art but also questioning or opening established ways of telling.

Ten women stories mold a map of the city of Rotterdam. After visiting the places where these stories took place, I made some chalk drawings in the site to actualize them. The chalk drawings are also related to a daily children´s play.
In all the places I left a chalk behind, so anybody could write anything.

The maps (posters) tell these stories.
The ten maps are the Rotterdam Weg

This project is part of the collection of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía