Castillete. Retablo Minero. Laboratorio 987

The exhibition is divided in two parts.

The first one is an installation consist on a model of the Sabero Valey and a sound intervention. The sound starts when the viewer switchs on it. The model shows all the industry traces in the landscape: the open air mines, the dumps, the miner´s houses, the industry´s buildings. The sound is a story told in first person by myself and made of pieces of memories from the miners and residents of Sabero I spoke with during the year I was working in this project. The multiple origins of these memories joined in a polyphonic voices are only observed because some small contradictions in genre and time. For example, the narrator (embodied by me) is at the same time man and women: young and old. This form of narration wants to express the way the stories of the places are formed and wants also to open the intepretation to different voices and points of view to include some stories that are no so often included in the History, as women, inmigrants or not central jobs in the minery (teachers, cleaners...).
This audio work was open to replay during the exhibition time.

The second part of the installation is a work space to prepare a Castillete facsimile. Page layaut of the installation´s audio for the new publication, the complete collection of the original magazine, analogical slides from Sabero and cover studies are part of the materials present in the exhibition.


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