Ciclo de conferencias

On the occasion of the show Here and now!, a series of conferences and round tables have taken place. For this purpose, the device changed its position, forming a literal round table.

Thursday, 10 July, at 20:30: opening

Musical performance by the group A duras penas (Hernani, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country)

In September, as part of the exhibition, a series of conferences and round tables have taken place, in which various collectives have taken part in order to contextualise feminist artistic practice in the Basque sphere. Artísimas, Pripublikarrak, Wiki-historias and Tomboi presented their works and explored the art / feminism equation. In addition, Carmen Mörsch, director of the IAE –Institute for Art Education– of Zúrich and also director of the Education Department for Documenta XII, talked about the role of feminism in education and art. Elke Zobl, meanwhile, examined Internet femzine forums and platforms.

Wednesday, 10 September, at 18:00:

Conference given by Carmen Mörsch
Presentations of Artísimas and Pripublikarrak
The event will be chaired by artists Estíbaliz Sádaba y Azucena Vieites, from the collective Erreakzioa-Reacción

Thursday, 11 September, at 18:00:

Conference given by Elke Zobl, with an introduction provided by Erreakzioa-Reacción
Presentations of Wiki-historias and Tomboi

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