Cinco itinearios. Musac

Five Tours, One Point of View. MUSAC Collection
25 January, 2020 - 11 October, 2020

The presentation of MUSAC’s Collection on the occasion of its 15th anniversary includes the museum’s own point of view. This point of view is inserted into a precise historical and cultural context —which the museum is bound to serve — and displayed in five itineraries corresponding to five themes that have guided, among others, the growth of the collection and the programming of the museum since 2013.

Although these thematic areas exemplify very well MUSAC’s work in recent years, they do not show all the lines of action that have been undertaken in order to account for the complex evolution arts and society are experiencing at the dawn of the millennium. However, they do provide a perspective and prospective review of issues that have shaped our immediate past since the 1960s, either indicating some challenges and paths for future transformation or demonstrating the ability of the present to reflect on itself and, along with it, on all its citizens.

The presentation is structured in five sections (textualities and archives, special publications and artist’s books, decolonial theories and practices, context and situated action, and corporealities and feminisms) with the aim of highlighting one of the museum’s greatest assets: an extensive collection of more than 1,144 works by 426 artists. Yet we should be speaking of collections, in the plural, because, in addition to MUSAC’s Collection, we will be exhibiting works from the Contemporary Art Collection of Castilla y León and a wide selection of artist’s books and special editions from the Araceli Corbo Documentation Centre Library. Each of the 130 works from more than 100 selected authors shows that MUSAC’s is a situated collection, clearly thought out and articulated to build connections that strike a balance between the local context and the international scene.