Contenedor de feminismos en Vilaxoán

Docu-action and device produced by Casa Museo Emilia Pardo Bazán on the occassion of the program "Contra vento e Marea", 2009



Late february 2009, outside a former fish cannery, which closed its doors during the labour disputes in the 1980s in Vilaxoán, we spoke with the workers and from the labor union Loli Álvarez, Carmen Ferro and Mar Suárez, and labor lawyer Mari Luz García Vigo. The meeting helped to recover documentation– a damaged vhs tape among them- about the Odosa closure, the story of a demonstration called by  hundred women, who were locked in the factory during the whole August 1989 to ask against the indiscriminate firing of the whole workforce.



Images of the Meeting with some of the leading figures of the sit-ins and the demonstrations against factory
closures, and close-ups of the board with their notes on the events.


Fancine made with the documentation collected during the docu-action.



Link to the docu filmed by the workers during the shutting in the factory ODOSA in 1989, restored thanks to the docu-action in Vilaxoán.








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