Contenedor de Feminismos

Uqui Permui and Anxela Caramés wanted to start an archive of feminism in Galicia Their project is called
"Sen consigna" ( "without slogan") and they are still looking for fundings and rethinking the mecanisims to develop it.
Their work has meet my own one at this moment; it has meet my wondering about how can we show the facts, the
things happening, the production of collective processes, the way the stories update, the importance of telling collective stories in community and how some memories open others.

Rethinking the place of use.

This is why, when Uqui Permui and Anxela Caramés talked to me about their project of an archive of the feminism in Galicia I though it was the ideal place to work with all of these paradoxes. I know they would like that I didn´t tell their names but just name the project, but I think it´s important to mention the people who is behind the projects: i´m not looking for main characters. But people are there.

I want to make a dispositive that achieve all of these things: make visible the place that is between public and private, the names behind the collective processes... and, the most important, a dispositive that becomes a quiestioning in it self, that celebrates the process as a part of the formalization.

I think in an archive as a container in which the speech is a tool to rethinking what means to archive. A dispositive that works in the intermediate spaces; between what is said and what is done; between what we constructed as "natural" and what we have empty of sense because we have used it too much. A dispositive that works with the paradoxes, not only of public space, but also of some quotations, of many private behavior, of many strategies that have forgotten their roots.

To write feminism with capital letters, as a celebration, is a good dispositive, I guest. To write it in the back of a blackboard in which we are going to re-think how to archive all of these materials.

And understand it as a process that doesn´t end on me.

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