Der Rote Cañón

Die rote Cañón

Somebody gave us a mask. There is a strong traditional Carnival in Ebensee. But Carnival was also the scene of an important workers revolt: "Faschingdienstagrevolte" in 1733.
Ebensee is well known for the workers movement and for the solidarity. In fact the area (Saltzkammergut) is known as the "red Canyon". The Saline workers founded the "Bruderlade" (a private social security for the workers of the Saline) that is one of the oldest social security in Europa, the oldest in Austria. Wood, Salt and textile industry are the main labour areas.

A Bust of Viktor Adler, some documents of the Brudelare, old Tools, a Mask, old pictures from the Arbeirterheim, a video showing the work with the wood from beginning s. XX, another video of the Karnival and some audios from speeches and memories are the main objects of this section.

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