Ein Tag in Ebensee

Ein Tag in Ebensee

The Saltzkammergut area is a touristic place. Ebensee, although is a village founded around the work, has also a past and present related to the leisure.
We have got an old manuscript from Karl Seharllinger „Die Feuerkogel Seilbahn“ telling the process of construction of the cable car. We (with the help of Isabella) selected a page where the description of the landscape from the top of the mountain, once they reach the top.
A film "Austria" shows the everyday life in Ebensee, a marriage, the work in the land, the music... daily life in Ebensee in the 50s.
A Goldhaube (a craft made hat for the special occasions, as the one Johanna told to us, when she went with her husband to Brussels to a metting with the Main Director of Solvay), an old door of a bath (thermal), memories from the Feuerkogel, from a Restaurant, from the cinema...

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