Dispositivo de sala. Brieven uit Spanje

Photography Tim Meijer

Exhibition device, Carme Nogueira


The exhibition device was designed from the standard measurement of a standard panel cut in two pieces: one part will be a table/vertical panel and the other part will be a bench/support for the vertical panel. The idea was that the pieces could be ambivalent, that their use could be modified as necessary. At first, the device was used horizontally (tables and chairs) to be able to gather the material that was being collected. As this material was being organized, the tables became panels that were placed vertically to display them. The benches then, served as support for the panel.


During the month and a half that the NEXT space was occupied with the project, these tables/panels were being fulled with material. The idea was also that the panel could function as a page that was being composed, to open a dialogue with the publication "Carta de España", the starting point of the project. The proportion of the panel is related to the original publication from the early 1970s.


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