Exhibition view

Artistic Interventions. 1812_2012. A contemporary approach

Jorge Díez

Organised by
Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) is adopting an up-to-date approach on the occasion of the Bicentenary of the Constitution of Cadiz with the project 1812_2012. Una mirada contemporánea (1812_2012. A contemporary approach), which covers a range of initiatives in various fields including art, illustration, music, audiovisuals and the Internet, and will be presented at various venues throughout Spain. Two hundred years after 'La Pepa', as the 1812 Constitution was commonly known, AC/E aims to create a forum for reflection involving different current artistic pursuits, beyond simply a commemorative or historical approach.

AC/E has commissioned 18 artists to develop an intervention based on La Pepa to be staged in 17 cities around Spain, one in each Autonomous Region.
The projects will start the 5 December and will be presented over different periods of time, depending on their characteristics.

The artists and locations involved in the interventions are: Democracia (MEIAC, Badajoz), Dionisio Cañas (CENDEAC, Murcia), Diana Larrea (EACC, Castellón), Iñaki Larrimbe (Es Baluard, Palma), Abigail Lazkoz (MARCO, Vigo), Juan López (ARTIUM, Vitoria-Gasteiz), Rogelio López Cuenca (CAAM, Las Palmas), Maider López (MUSAC, León), Cristina Lucas (IAACC Pablo Serrano, Zaragoza), Alicia Martín (Biblioteca Central, Santander), Noaz (Centro Huarte, Navarra), Carme Nogueira (Museo Sefardí, Toledo), Marina Núñez (Centro Niemeyer, Avilés), Gustavo Romano (CAAC, Sevilla), Fernando Sánchez Castillo (Museo Würth La Rioja), Pablo Valbuena (Congreso de los Diputados), Isidoro Valcárcel Medina (MACBA, Barcelona) and Azucena Vieites (publication).

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