Die Kappe Graserweibl

One of the main pieces in the Kammer 1 is the Kappe. It have been given on loan by the Frauerforum Ebensee. I underline the importance of this object because it joins some relevant aspects. It forms part of an old tradition: a procession, the Glöcklerläufe, that started in Ebensee around 1850 and takes place every 5th January. This kappe, Graserweibl, was made in 2010 and it was the first time women walked with a Kappe. It was a great scandal. In this sense, it is a traditional and an actual object at the same time.

Every kappe tells a story. In this case, this Kappe speaks about a story from the Saline. In old times, the Saline let poor women use the terrains to feed their animals. This is a story that speaks in some way of welfare. And it is a recurrent theme in our Wunderkammer (in fact, there is a room dedicated to it: the kammer2). And it speaks about landscape, the transformation of the landscape because of the industry.

We didn´t find any document about Graserbeil. Maybe because, as Iris from Frauenforum points out, it should be a footnote, as usual in women´s history

Here a video of the Glöckerlauf 2010

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