Intervention in the public space

Bienal de Pontevedra 2010
Intervention in the public space (Archivacción)

As an extension of my contribution to the Bienal de Pontevedra 2010 I made three interventions in the public space. I placed in public (or semipublic) spaces three posters made using images of three artists belonging to the exhibition Archivacción. The three pieces were: "Al tramo Izquierdo" by David Pérez karmadavis, "Metido en su piel" by Nicolás Dumit and "Bloddy day" by Priscila Monge. the places of the intervention where: the bus station (David Pérez), the main square where the Peregrina church is (Nicolás Dumit) and a hospital (Priscila Monge) . The places act as translators of the original action

The posters were also a hidden ad of the exhibition Archivacción.