Monumentos Desplazados

Some monuments made for the Colonial Exhibition are nowadays diseminated in the city of Porto. In some of them we can see a sign or lettering with remembering the event.
I made a phtographic series about this consist on eight black and white pictures. Four of them depict four monuments in their current location. The other four were taken in the garden and show pillars, stones and old roots that could have been there when the Exhibiton took place.

Pictures included in the Serie
(1) Round Pillar Glass Palace Gardens, Porto; (2) Estatua de Alfonso de Albuquerque current location Largo de D. João III, Porto; (3) Pillar Glass Palace Gardens, Porto;(4) O Salvavidas current location Avenida de Montevideu, Foz, Porto; (5) O Home do Leme current location Avenida de Montevideu, Foz, Porto; (6) Carved Stone Glass Palace Gardens, Porto; (7) Seis figuras simbólicas current location: Praça do Imperio, Porto; (8) Old Root Glass Palace Gardens, Porto.