Naval Museum


curated by Jorge Díez, Paulina Varas and José Roca


The instalation consisted of four videos: "El patrimonio"; "El cerro"; "El camarote the Casto Méndez Núñez" and "El puerto" (images below) installed in the walls of the museum, occupping windows that were closed because of the actual museography. In each one I tell a story heard in Valparaiso. The stories are made from different sentences and form different persons. The action of telling the story took place in Vigo in four different places, places with physical similarities with the landscape of Valparaiso. As a result the video funtions as a window to the surrondings of the museum. In the same way, when the stories were told in Vigo, people could think that these stories had happened in Vigo.

Indeed, the videos are windows to Vigo. Each 15 minutes a person (the artist) apper in the video and tell the stories. The four videos are consecutives so I looks like the artist were walking around the museum telling this stories learnt in the street.

porteños_ an installlation from carme on Vimeo.

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