(image: left video frame, right: view of Valparaiso

Instalation place
Naval Museum
Paseo 21 de Mayo Nº45 Cº Artillería

The construction of landscape is the aim of this project. Afther a visit to the city of Valparaiso, the chats and the documentation, I conclude that the port is one of the places around what the idea of landscape is constructed in the city. I understand it in a physical way but also in a practical one: it is the driving force of the city. And also in a discursive way: its roll in the independence war and in the relation with Spain; the relation with Santiago, the capital of the country, the model of development and even the relation with Great Britain passes by the port. And it is a place where all of these discourse are mixed.

I wanted to learn from these different discursive levels and their relations from my position of "Porteña". My home town is Vigo. The long-shot and the physical and discursive construtions around the harbour can situate Vigo as a city similar to Valparaiso. The artist act as a translator gives substance to the learning process. The discurses heard came from the official places: the Naval Museum, books, local celebrities... but also from some other stories that start in the port but go futher in the city. Bars as the Liberty or workers of the port also contibute to this story.

What is important is the way the stories are told: the gestures, the words, the repetitions of the language and not the reconstruction of a History or the truth. In sum, I looked for the traces of these stories in the landscape, showed through the ways of telling, sometimes invisible but relevant in the ways of understanding the place.

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