Próspera interior Vigo

Espacio Anexo, MARCO Vigo 2008

The pictures and the interior structure of the piece are referred to Duanqi Ruifu, a famous building in Pekin. The is a video in the entrance that document the t-shirt action. It is projected in a wall of white boxes imitating the Wall that usually is in front of the traditional houses in China. There is a big wall in front og the Duanqi Ruifi. “This building was chosen —says the artist— “because it shows the conflict between comunity life, the political tradition and the occupation of the private sphere, that is one of the clues of the actual transformation of the city. The space between the form and the function makes evident the importance given to the social use of the communal space in front of a small private space, in contrast with the idea of communal space as I am used to live in my western experience, in Vigo, for example”.

The boxes with pictures draw a path in the room playing with the perspective. From the entrance a complete vision of the interior of the building can be seen, but as you enter in the room, you can see as this image is broken in different parts, showing interiors. The space become a labyrinth that speaks of the way space is understood in Beijing, where the walk is more important that the map.

From the back of the room, you can see the boxes without pictures, similar to a warehouse. This image remind us to a Chinese bazaar, specifically the bazaar "Próspera". This was the point of departure of this travel. A image of this bazaar was installed outside, simulating that a bazzar was inside the exhibition space.

The installation was completed with a projection of a video of the desmontage of the installation in Beijing, showing how the boxes are left in the street, waiting someone who cames to take them.

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