Viviendas Mercado

As part of the project "En (re)torno á paixase" curated by Paula Cabaleiro, I was commisioned to develop a project during the time of the exhibition.

My project consisted on a guided visit, as I did in the video series from "La Citoyenneté" done in Paris (one of these videos was part of the exhibition). In this case I took the surroundings of the Museum building as working material.
The first step was to open a window which is ussually closed during the exhibition time (it is a warehouse). Thanks to this intervention, the urban enviroment entered in the Museum as it were part of the exhibition. The window was a frame for the residential building in front of the Museum.
From outside, the Museum entered also in the street and almost into the houses facingn it, as they are very close.

The residential buildings in front of the Museum are social and subsidized housing from ending 50s. In this time in Pontevedra (and in Spain in general) changed its physiognomy a lot because of the proliferation of social housing.

My guided visit was about the story of this building, its history and its urban context.