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Texts by Cristina Anllo, Heriberto Cairo Carou, The Center For Urban Pedagogy (CUP), Mónica Cornejo, Sophie Hope, María Lois, Juan López Bedoya, Federico Martín Palmero, Carme Nogueira, Manuel Olveira, Doina Petrescu, Íñigo Pulgar Sañudo, Iria Sobrino


160 pags. colour and black and white

Design by Ferran el Otro

Editor Xunta de Galicia, Consellería de Cultura e Deporte,


Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea


This investigation tries to analize the plot of the dialogue between the rural and the urban in the galician landscape. Some of the reasons of this particular relation are the urban improvisation, the urgencies of the contemporary life, the development of the terciary economy or the marginalization of the region, but this investigation doesn't want to look just for guilties nor look for reformative solutions. The aim of this project is to understand the reality of this plot, this incorrectlandscape madeof individual lifes and stories. The investigatin is organized in three lines of work and coordinated by three profesionals. The three lines are:

POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY Maria Lois is a professor of Political Geography at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Broadly speaking, her research interests are the construction of collectives spaces and times, focusing on bordering and b/ordering through spatial socialization practices.

LANDSCAPE Cristina Anllo, Architect-planer, Expert in Planification and Local Development. She has worked in France as landscape architect as well as in Europe, EE.UU and China. She is working now as urban planner using the landscape methodoogy in the galician territory.

ART Carme Nogueira is the responsible of this part. The investigation in arts show artistic experiences in the galician country that uses a methodology that pay attention to the process. In thos part of the book there are other projects that use contextual methologies from diferent places.