WUNDERKAMMER EBENSEE (together with Desirée Vidal)

commissioned project for Festival of Regions 2015 - Shift Change – Slogging Away in Ebensee
curator: Gottfried Hattinger
19th June to 28th June 2015
venue: Direktor Villa Hause, Ebensee (Austria)

This installation done for the Festival der Regionen 2015 was the final presentation of the project "Wunderkammer Ebensee".
We had been collecting objects, stories and memories from Ebensee for some months thanks to the mediation of Isabella Wiesauer. Isabella uses to live in Ebensee. These objects were the starting point for our Wunderkammer, not only as pieces but also because of their meaning. They helped us to start a process of learning about the place.
The objects themselves have a story behind and for the project it was very important to go deep on it. Our work was to relate the different objects present in the Wunderkammer and, throught these objects, tell a certain story of the place. Not the right one or the official and historical one, but a kind of tale about Ebensee mixing reality and fiction. That is the commonplace nature which conforms the identity of a place.

We could learn that there is a story of solidarity behind this Wunderkammer. There were some moments of revolt, some of friendship and an early understanding of the welfare state.

We divided the installation in three rooms: Kammer 1 called "In der Låmba", kammer 2: "Der rote Cañón" and Kammer 3: "Ein Tag in Ebensee". These three rooms join objects in three main sections (the name and identity of the village (Kammer 1); the political and social past and present (Kammer 2) and leisure and tourism (Kammer 3) , but there is a relation among all the objects and sometimes the meaning evoke more than one room.

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