Western Harbour

Video 3: Western Harbour (video extract)

This video is part of the video installation "Leith Walk. Our share of the profits" that consists on 3 synchronized videos installed as windows. The videos show a landscape in which a performer enters and gives a speech acting as a guide. This video extract corresponds with the moment of the speech act.

13 min loop

Curator // Comisariado Ana González Chouciño.
Performers // Intérpretes David Wheatley,
Still Photography // Fotografía fija Javier Fernández.
Camera // Cámara Carme Nogueira.
Video Post-production // Postproducción de vídeo Carme Nogueira.
Audio Post-production // Postproducción de sonido Producciones Pastora.

A small publication (guide) is part of the piece
link to the guide:

link to the video excerpt

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