Bewegliches Zentrum. El centro en desplazamiento I


This project was partly developed during Carme Nogueira's residency at
PROGRAM – initiative for art and architecture collaborations in Berlin in the summer of 2010.


Supported by a Fundación Marcelino Botín Visual Arts Grant.



During my residency in Program (Summer 2010) I have been researching the use of paths and roads in Berlin and how have they changed in the last years. Some of these changes are related to the idea of centre in Berlin, how it has changed from 1993 (my first period in Berlin) to 2010 (the second period of residence in the city). My aim are not roads or paths themselves but how the uses of the city have been moved from one part of the city to another and to understand how this drift is not a monolithic one, but it has relation with a group of narrations abut the city. The aim of the project is to draw a kind of map, to tell a tail of these narrations that speak about the movement from West to East, from inner city to outer city, from a point of view of the uses and the beliefs. I am interested in the permanence of a certain narration of the city despite the last changes in the form and structure of Berlin. In the small scale of the city, (individual scale, one to one) this permanence is more visible.

This is my place of working, since I find this individual experience of the city as a place for learning new approaches to the space. But also a way to speak more in general about structural changes that affect the understanding of public space not only in Berlin, but also in Europe.

Indeed, it is in this relation of the two scales: the individual and the collective, where the idea of landscape is constructed: the negotiation of the common idea of landscape. The final narration about the city is the result of different approaches that take place in a particular level and finally are shown in the shape of certain commonness.The project pays its attention to this individual approaches trying to learn how we reach this commonness, walking in reverse, going back to the accounts of how have we understood the changes and movements of the central uses of the city or a kind of lose of centrality in some way. Walking around is the objective of the project but also a tool to achieve these narrations.

Through a device: a platform-stair, a tour in the city was done.




 Organization of the public dicussion:

María D. Lois


Javier Fernández Pérez de Lis


Special thanks to Manuela Boatca, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga and Heriberto Cairo Carou for participing in the public discussion

Vielen Danke für Alexander Dubrowsky for his priceless help during the whole project

Thanks to Sara García for her company and help

And also thanks to Luis Álvarez Fernández for his asistance with the audio.



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