Here and now! exhibition device

Here and now! by Erreakzioa-Reacción (Azucena Vieites y Estíbaliz Sádaba)
July 10th - September 21st, 2008
Sala Rekalde, bilbao
exhibition device by Carme Nogueira.

Here and now! is proposed as a space for encounter, reflection, debate and resistance around ways of doing that incorporate feminist thought, queer politics and postcolonial discourses in artistic practice. Providing both a show of work and archive and documentary material, the project sets out to offer a broad panorama of this artistic practice through the exhibition of magazines, fanzines, videos and drawings.

Via a device designed by artist Carme Nogueira, The Abstract Cabinet at rekalde will be presenting works by different feminist and queer collectives that have also been involved with the zine format, a medium in which a large number of initiatives have also taken off.

It can be said that in our milieu in recent times there has emerged a greater plurality of proposals, of debate, of complexity and problematisation of discourses on gender and sexuality. This exhibition stands, here and now, as a call to be at the ready, a note of alarm, an invitation to new forms of feminist action.


This collective, formed by artists Azucena Vieites and Estíbaliz Sádaba, arose in 1994 as a space for carrying out projects between art and feminism. Erreakzioa-Reacción has constituted a pioneering initiative in Spain and is very well known in its field due to the close relations it maintains with other international groups within this movement. Until 2000 a great deal of their effort went into the edition of fanzines, ten all told, this being one of the most representative and emblematic proposals within our output and an activity that best defined their work in relation to the needs of an era. The publications were made with the intention of spreading the reach of feminism, in the awareness that within our milieu a sufficiently consolidated feminist tradition did not exist where artistic practice and criticism were concerned.

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