The time is now

Azucena Vieites, Itziar Okariz, Carme Nogueira
Galería Moriarty, february 2011

Hito Steyerl writes in E-flux Journal :
“How many hairs does one have to lose to be considered bald? Or, in political terms: How much civility can the public sphere lose without lapsing into fascism? How much fear among minorities and how much radical neoliberal pauperization is permissible for societies to still qualify as democracies? To translate back to the language of sophism: Can ten remaining hairs still make a hairy head? Seven? Or even five? In other words: At what point do whole societies become skinheads? At what point does the politics of “more of the same” lapse into the militant call for more sameness?”

«El momento es ahora» [The Time is Now] rises from awareness of the socioeconomic situation we are going through, It attempts to respond to instability with with an equal mix of risk, politics and optimism. Three artists –Carme Nogueira, Itziar Okáriz and Azucena Vieites, who, through a systematic questioning of identity stand as representatives of relational art, a singular and important line of artistic practice and research in Spain– promote a dialogue among their works based on their feminist connections, their critical approach and their appropiationist discourse.

Manuel Segade, curator
excerpt from the exhibition info.

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